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I invite you to master these methods to be healthy!

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Elena Bogatyrenko

Life Coach since 1996.

Held over 3,600 master classes, trainings and seminars.

At the University of Postgraduate Education my lectures were attended by more than 40,000 doctors and educators.

  • Daily individual consultations.
  • Classes at the Yoga Studio.
  • Field seminars.
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Su Jok Therapy

Translated from Korean SU - hand, JOK - foot. Hands and feet have points that correspond to all organs and parts of the body. Massaging them brings recovery.


Twist Therapy

Twist therapy consists of correctly chosen twisting spiral motions that restore the natural flow of energy in the body and restore health. This is the most simple and natural therapy.


Direction Therapy

The main principle of direction therapy is the impact of the cardinal directions on human health and life. Children and animals use this method intuitively.

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By mastering these methods, you will be able to:

  • Manage your own health
  • Help others with health issues
  • Prevent diseases
  • Be independent of medications
  • Find solutions for complex issues
  • Improve quality of your life
  • Increase productivity
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Participate in my:

  • Seminars
  • Motor exercises
  • Meditation and yoga practices
  • Individual consultations

What People Say

I met Elena under the critical circumstances and I am grateful to our mutual friends and to fate for meeting her. Last year my mother was hospitalized with complications after her stroke. Nobody is prepared for something like that. We started looking for alternative solutions not just relying on the traditional medicine. My friends introduced Elena to me as a person who helps people in various cases. After several Su Jok therapy sessions Elena brought relief to my mother, but most importantly, I learned and absorbed everything she was doing and explaining…

Julia Ryzhenkova

I learned from Yelena about Su Jok, triorigin, twist therapy, tai dzi, smile yoga, twist walking over a year ago, and it was like I was reborn. The world expanded for me, and my life became better and happier. Application of Su Jok in my daily medical practice helped me help myself, my family and my patients. Once I was even able to save a person’s life. In addition these methodologies help me develop better understanding of the world.

Irina Baranezkaya

Yelena! A huge thank you for your simple and effective treatment methods! I enjoy learning how to listen to my body and analyze the body signals. Especially healing for me is the ear lobe massage. Immediately effective!

Tatyana Zaritskaya