Direction Therapy

Direction Therapy

About the author of the directiom therapy method

Professor Jae Woo Park is a man of the world. He organized academies and medical-educational centers in many different

countries, such as: Russia, India, Israel, Germany, The Czech Republic and many others.

In his intention to help people to have vibrant health, he discovered many original methods of restoring and preserving health. One of them is Direction Therapy.​

One day, Professor Jae Woo Park flew in an airplane to one of his seminars in the direction of the east. At the end of the flight, he felt unwell. He began to observe how the direction of his movement and position of his body affected his condition.

And he realized that direction is the decisive factor that affects the body and mind. That is how this method was discovered.

What is Direction Therapy?

The main principle of direction therapy is that in order to help any discomforting state of the body or mind, one should simply change the direction of the body.

Direction therapy (or cardinal directions) is the most natural way of healing, which children and animals intuitively use.

For example: In everyday life, the bed is located taking into account the interior design, but without taking into account the influence of directions (cardinal directions), which leads to bad sleep, chronic fatigue syndrome, various diseases, and a decrease in the quality of life. Animals always position themselves only in those directions in which they feel comfortable. Small children do the same. In the process of education, children are offered forced directions, in which not everyone is equally comfortable.

So, direction therapy is a natural way of healing our body, mind and reaching life harmony.

The method is very simple and effective.

How to use Direction Therapy in everyday life?

How to choose a comfortable direction for sleep? The bed should be large. So that you can freely lie in all directions.

You should lie down with your head facing each direction (north, south, west, east) for 15-30 seconds.

Observe the physical sensations in the body (heaviness, tension, numbness, pulsation, others).

Choose the best direction for sleep out of the four directions. This should be the optimal direction for your sleep.

If you wake up at night and cannot fall asleep, you should change the direction of the body.

Falling asleep in the right, comfortable direction you will wake up refreshed, productive and in the positive mood.

You will need less time to sleep to recover.

At the seminars we study carefully the details and other aspects of the influence of space on us.

Advantages of this method

  • Sleeping in a comfortable direction will provide healthy deep sleep, and you will wake up refreshed and in a good mood.
  • In the daytime, while eating, resting or working, it is also important to choose an optimal direction of the body's position in space.
  • Choosing the comfortable direction of the workplace in the office will considerably improve your productivity at work.
  • Even a long-term illness can improve, if such simple recommendations are implemented. This approach can be applied to diseases.

In conclusion, I want to quote professor Jae Woo Park:

Change direction to become healthy.