Elena Bogatyrenko presents Su Jok

Su Jok

About the author of the Su Jok therapy method

Professor Jae Woo Park studied classical acupuncture and observed its effectiveness in the treatment of diseases. But, acupuncture is challenging to master even for doctors.

Professor Park discovered the method of Su Jok therapy which is effective and simple in mastering and application.

He began to travel around the world with lectures and practical applications of Su Jok.

He organized academies and medical and educational centers in Russia, India, Israel, Germany, the Czech Republic and other countries.

What is Su Jok Therapy?

  • SU means Hand in Korean, JOK means Foot.
  • The author of the method, Professor Jae Woo Park, discovered that hands and feet resemble the structure and shape of the whole human body.
  • The thumb corresponds to the head and neck
  • Muscular area under the thumb - thorax
  • The palm is similar to the lower part of the trunk, abdomen and back
  • Middle and ring fingers - feet
  • The index and the little finger - hands

Examples of practical application of Su Jok therapy in everyday life

Example 1 Headache

In case of headache - using a diagnostic stick find painful points on the thumb and massage them.

Example 2 Diseases of the nose (bleeding, stuffiness, runny nose)

In case of various diseases of the nose - using a diagnostic stick find a painful point in the center of the curl of the thumbprint and massage it.

Example 3 Inflammation of the bladder

In case of bladder inflammation - using a diagnostic stick find painful points on the skin fold between the middle and ring fingers and massage these points.

With any disease, you can find healing points on hands and feet.

At our seminars we discuss in detail the ways of treating various diseases.

We learn how to independently search for healing points.

Advantages of Su Jok

  • Su Jok method - is natural and has no contraindications
  • Massage of the healing points leads to recovery
  • Saves money and makes us independent of medications
  • By applying the method daily you will be able to:

    • help yourself and your loved ones
    • conduct health maintenance and prevent diseases
    • increase the duration and quality of your life

In conclusion, I want to quote Professor Park:

I whole-heartedly wish everyone - beginners, doctors, people without medical education to successfully use this medical approach to achieve good health and life with a Smile.